The following words were written by Roderick Edwards concerning the Puritan Board, a forum owned and operated by a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly and instructor for Whitefield Theological Seminary; the same denomination and seminary that Rod claims is part of a cult. hmmm…so what changed? The denomination, seminary, and forum have not changed.

Answer: Roderick changed. Roderick changes whenever it suits him. He especially hates to be confronted by men who actually understand the Reformed faith better than he does. And when his ignorance is pointed out, he turns on you.



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Life After Full Preterism

the following rant with yet another jab at Jason is found here:

While I was a full preterist I would argue that people who leave that perspective really have no place to go. I mean, if per full preterism it is the full revelation of God’s Word; then what happens if you leave that revelation? Do you go back to something “partially revealed/fulfilled”? Do you conclude that since Christianity apparently got eschatology wrong for 2000 years, if full preterism is wrong; then Christianity itself is a sham and you become an atheist? I just couldn’t see what life after full preterism looked like. Some full preterists argue that to be consistent, a person MUST either be a full preterist or a Roman Catholic. This is almost the original Roman Catholic position in reverse where the a person would be considered a “heretic” unless they were Roman Catholic. Martin Luther challenged this idea when his professor Andreas Karlstadt proposed it. Luther asked how the entire Greek/Eastern Orthodox Church could be considered heretics considering they were even older than the Roman Catholic Church. Karlstadt had no answer and the rest is history even with Karlstadt becoming more radical than Luther. So, what happens to people when they “leave full preterism”? Do they become more liberal? Do they become atheists? Roman Catholics? “Partial-Preterists”? The next stop after full preterism is varied, but many people once they have spent time passionately believing and espousing full preterism and then leave it are never really the same. How could they be, after all they were so certain they finally found the truth. How could they return to the “lie” or at least a half-truth of “futurism”? WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE TIME TEXTS Perhaps the biggest question for former full preterists is what do they do with the time texts? It seems so clear that the Bible is teaching about a soon/at hand coming of Jesus so do we just forget about all that? No, but the problem is that we have applied the false full preterist premise/narrative to the time texts. There is no denying the imminent tone of the time texts, however the question should be what does the Bible mean when it talks about Jesus’ “coming”. If you’re keen, you will pick up on how many full preterists (and Left-Behinders) will use the words “coming” and “return” interchangeably. Therein is the problem. Jesus WAS about to/at hand/soon/shortly/within the disciples’ generation “come” — but that is NOT a return to earth. Compare Dan 7:13-15 to Matt 26:64 and you will see what I’m talking about. Jesus was “coming” into glory and vindication as the Messiah. He was “about to come in/on/with” the clouds TO the Father/Ancient of Days/God. And this is exactly how the bulk of Christianity has understood the time texts…until the Dispensationalists came along and until the full or hyperpreterist over-reaction to Left Behind Dispensationalism. CONCLUSION While I’ve known and seen some former full preterists become functional atheists, even if they still claim to be “Christian” or I have seen them latch on to another “ism” such as Sam Frost and Jason Bradfield latching onto Talbotism; there really is no need to be tossed to and fro. Full Preterism was not the last stop in theology, as a matter of fact it was a serious and erroneous detour that was leading people into the ghetto of religion where the players make up their own rules (such as rules of interpretation), and where you are likely to be violently accosted by its adherents if you don’t behave the way they expect you should. Just get back to historic Christianity — the Christianity BEFORE all the Dispensationalism Left Behindism with all its rapturous people floating through the air and its constant embarassing date setting. Get back to historic Christianity BEFORE all of Partial-Preterist incestuous good-ole boy clubs with their propping up of each other’s inconsistent theology that actually leads people to hyperpreterism. Get back to historic Christianity BEFORE the radical individualism and over (ie hyper) reactionism of hyperpreterism where every person seems to have a “private interpretation” that is outside the scope of anything that has ever been considered Christianity. I urge you reader, to take a minimal approach where your personal “creed” is the very minimum of all Christian creeds — and creed simply means belief, or a statement of belief. Ask yourself what you believe on the minimal questions within Christianity? Questions such as: The infallibility and inerrancy of the Bible as represented by the overall translations. The nature and effect of the Fall on humanity Human Freewill vs God’s Sovereignty Jesus’ nature (fully man and fully God) The concept of the Trinity The Kingdom’s present state/effect Get these things pinned down and see how your personal creed compares to the bulk of historic Christianity before latching on to other things. So many people are ready to “run on ahead” 2 John 1:9 before they even know what they’re talking about. If your personal creed/beliefs are out of sync with historic Christianity, then you probably aren’t “Christian” — and no, I’m not talking about whether you are saved or not — that’s between you and God. If your beliefs are radically different than the bulk of Christianity, then you are no more “Christian” than a person born and living in America claiming to be an American while they are espousing open Communism. Communism is NOT an American belief anymore than hyperpreterism is a Christian belief. So, there is life after full preterism if you don’t latch onto some other ism or fall into atheism. Be a Christian!

More lies from “ Archive”

The following is from Roderick Edwards at


In early 2004 the website; was started at first as a place to promote a more conservative form of “Full Preterism”.  By 2007, Roderick Edwards, the purveyor of the site had abandoned the heresy of Full or Hyperpreterism. The site was retooled to promote time honored theological answers to contemporary issues.

After many years of being a place where people could come for honest interaction; as it did not require registration or login to leave comments, by 2013 Roderick decided it was time to leave behind the “religionists”. No, it was not a leaving of the Faith but merely an acknowledgement that much of “ahem”; esteemed theologians are part of a “good-ole-boys” club that covers for the corruption of their peers.  This became extremely apparent in how seminary owner Kenneth Talbot covered for corrupt men and even promoted them as if they were honorable men.

At the height of this corruption, one of Talbot’s underlings; a man Talbot even promoted to “deacon” within his church, actually called Roderick’s work in an attempt to get him fired. This same man, whom Talbot promotes as a “Christian” called Roderick’s home an attempted to interact with his wife. This same man stole (and still keeps) Roderick’s copyrighted material against Roderick’s expressed statements.

Anyhow, the corruption among men like Talbot and his peers like Gary DeMar, Kenneth Gentry and others is so wide-spread, that Roderick saw no nobility in keeping a theological presence in such an environment and prays every day that God bring such corruption to an end. was closed on October 03, 2013. Most content is transferred to where Roderick maintains his last theological website, which is geared toward “undoing hyperpreterism” — something Talbot specifically would not and could not do because he was too embedded with hyperpreterists themselves. 

Roderick maintains a personal site at


Sam Frost Reneges On Debate

In May 2010, Dee Dee Warren and her little sycophants promoted a “debate” I NEVER agreed to and attributed to me positions I do not hold. (see here). I objected to it at the time as underhanded and not becoming of people who claim to be “Christians”.  Even their esteemed “Dr.” Talbot didn’t force them to retract their lies…because he too is a liar.  HOWEVER, here we are in July 2013 and a REAL debate, instigated by Sam Frost (protege of Talbot) toward consistent preterist; Don Preston has been withdrawn. Frost reneged — that means Frost went back on his word.  Yet not a peep out of Dee Dee or PaulT Gates or the rest of the Talbotites.

Here is the 6 and half minute video of Preston explaining how Frost failed to keep his promise:

Notice that Jason Bradfield; Frost’s P.R. man comes to Frost’s defense. But how do you defend a man who doesn’t keep his word?

Also notice how Preston calls Frost’s 80 page booklet; a “book”.

Now, here is my hope. I hope Frost is done trying to present himself as God’s gift to theology. I’m sure Sam is a great janitor (his profession). I would be more than happy to do my business in toilets Frost has cleaned…. Seriously though, maybe Frost is finally realizing he is just a man and that he and Talbot spent YEARS destroying other people’s lives….and should be repentant rather than arrogant. Maybe, just maybe he is starting to show a bit of humility.

More Commentary from Roderick the “Sycophant”

Roderick writes, “Their websites failed to attract anything but sycophants.”

That’s funny because to date, Roderick is our most active visitor.


Even in trying to redefine themselves the Talbotites cannot be humble for one moment.  Talbotite shill and weirdo stalker Jason Bradfield wrote:

“this [how smart Bradfield and his friends are] flies over the heads of most hyper-preterists because they were never systematically trained to begin with.”

Huh????? But Sam Frost, Bradfield’s mentor WAS supposedly “systematically trained” at the very same “seminary” where Bradfield is now trying to be “trained” YET, Frost STILL fell into “hyper-preterism“.  Not only that, Frost used his “systematic training” to advocate hyperpreterism. These people have to be the MOST hypocritical people I have ever known.  They act like as they were coming out of hyperpreterism, they were so wise to see it was false. They IGNORE all the people who went before them (like Todd Dennis). They IGNORE all the people that were opposing them while they were busy advocating hyperpreterism. It’s as if they are presenting themselves as successes when in reality they have been failures. They spent over a decade advocating a cult and heresy and even in that they couldn’t make it work.

Frost’s attempt to start a hyperpreterist church failed. Their websites failed to attract anything but sycophants. They attempted to make hyperpreterism into a “systematic” movement as they were trained by Kenneth Talbot. But when that failed, they needed some other plan.  ENTER the remake. First, they had to claim to reject their former “sole purpose“. They had to disclaim what they formerly “truly believed“.  And even though both Frost and Bradfield spent years telling us how THEY DID use “systematic training” to arrive at hyperpreterism, suddenly they arrogantly claim no one but them uses “systematic training”. So much good it did them?

So, now we’re going to be treated to a “new” website where Frost and Bradfield will continue their hypocrisies under a new banner.

From a Guy Who Has Not Read a Single Book of Gordon Clark

A Clarkian Seeing The Light?

Oddly I am seeing reports where a rabid Clarkian is appearing to say that God’s ways are above our own as it clearly says in Isaiah 55:8-9. Clarkians as you may know are followers of Gordon Clark. Clark was a philosopher who supposed that the Bible is always “logical” and can always be approached with sheer logic. Clark taught that there is no such thing as a paradox in the Bible even though paradox is only an apparentcontradiction but not an actual contradiction. Or, maybe it’s Clark’s followers that come off as claiming this and Clark himself never meant to imply this. However, there are paradoxes all over the Bible; such as the “first shall be last and the last shall be first”. Miracles are apparent contradictions against the “logical” laws of nature.

I have found Clarkians to be perhaps the rudest “Christians” I have ever encountered; usually because they seem to “logically” give themselves a pass for their corruption. (By the way; Kenneth Talbot is a champ of Clarkianism — which says a lot)

Anyhow, this Clarkian recently quoted Psalm 131:1-3 which is amazing because it speaks of humility and not trying to attain to “matters too great”. Most Clarkians seem to think they are so much smarter than the average person. Talbot even thinks he can decide who should be killed if they don’t “obey” him and his cronies (source).

Is this Clarkian finally seeing the light that he isn’t such a big shot? I doubt it; because this guy is way too full of himself. But I pray the Lord does a work in him.

TKC Closing – Nobody Cares

TKC Closing

After almost 12 years, I am closing this site when the account comes due for renewal in Oct 2013. Why? Well, because quite frankly I’m sick and tired of religionists. Don’t get me wrong. I am “religious”. I’m a devout Christian. But a religionist is someone who is so wrapped up in their “religion” that they abandon integrity and honesty. Jesus called such people hypocrites like the Pharisees who would devise all sorts of technicalities to get around Sabbath prohibitions yet condemn other people for infractions. These are religionists. They read Bible verses (or whatever “sacred” book(s) they may hold) as if they were sub-sectioned law books that require them to figure out all the loop holes they can apply to themselves.

I just want out. Removing myself from my most vocal theological presence should be the way to go about it. Perhaps I will be less a target for the religionists. This DOESN’T mean I’m going away…sorry to tell you, you stalker religionists. I will work in other ways to push back against religionists.

But until that time, I will continue to post here periodically.