Can’t Stop Talking About Me, Even on His New Website

Not even with his new website, designed to ‘clean up’ his image, can Roderick avoid taking jabs at me. Funny…he calls this a “slander page.” As you can see, all that is done here is straight ‘copy and paste’ to document the sick, perverted obsession this ‘man’ has with me. I have absolutely no interaction with him whatsoever. I simply visit his site and copy and paste his rants about me here.

And now, he even has to bring this sick obsession into a post about his daughter’s wedding. How bad is your stalking when you even think about the person you are stalking while writing a post about your own daughter’s wedding? My goodness, what a freak.


Father of the Bride

On January 4, 2014 my one and only daughter was married. While this is certainly special for any father, another element is that I am adopted so my daughter is my only known blood relative. This was a great day; seeing my little girl’s magical dreams come true. She married a fine, Christian man who is also a very hard working, proud American. Shhhh don’t tell him but he is the son-in-law I would have picked had I been the one doing the choosing. Anyhow I thank the good Lord for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me this year already.

P.S. Believe it or not, there is at least one weirdo stalker that likes to grab stuff from my websites and facebook and repost them on an anonymous slander page he created, so I have to be careful what personal information I post. Sad world indeed…or at least some sad, depraved individuals.


As for weirdos who post the personal information of others, please see what Roderick the Stalker did to Dr. Talbot:


The Idiot Speaks About Me Again

Another year passes and here at UNPRETERIST.BLOGSPOT.COM we’ve kept you informed of all the events within the preterist movement. But 2013 may have been the most important year yet. In 2013 we saw the decline and eventual collapse of the so-called “anti-preterist” groups. We say “so-called” because these groups were in fact very friendly to full or hyperpreterism while pretending they were opposing it. We’ll get more into that in a moment. 2013 also was perhaps the most lackluster year yet for the full preterist movement, with no notable conferences or book releases or debates.

The high-profile “anti-preterist” website; PreteristBlog, administered by “Dee Dee Warren” ceased operation without warning. The site is still online but all the content is gone and replaced only by a simple message referring visitors to a Facebook page…a page that also doesn’t offer any update. While I don’t want to speculate as to what happened, I am hopeful that this is a sign that Warren is backing away from her association with hyperpreterist enabler, Kenneth Talbot.  But I doubt it.  PreteristBlog’s departure also shows it outlived its relevance anyway. Once it started cozying up to Sam Frost, it was doomed.

Speaking of Frost, when he left the movement *wink wink* to follow after “Realized Preterism”, he boasted how he was ready to debate any full preterist, anywhere at anytime. Hyperpret author, Don Preston took up the challenge but when Frost’s marital life took a bad turn, he backed out not giving any reason for it. Frost’s P.R. man said since Frost only agreed to the debate verbally and not in writing that he wasn’t bound to stick with the deal.  Hmmm…so much for Mt 5:37 eh? I hope Frost’s life gets back in order and that he can uncouple himself from Talbotism.

Perhaps the most consistent full preterist ever, a fellow who goes by the name “RiversOfEden” had been advocating for applying the full preterist premises…well…consistently, which would mean when they say “all was fulfilled” in the first century and “audience relevancy”, Rivers sees the last generation of Christians being those in the 1st century. There is no more salvation after AD70. God’s plan is done…upon that “audience” and that generation. However, other full prets like Preston and up-comer Michael Miano saw how destructive this consistency was to full preterism. After all, if it is all fulfilled, Miano doesn’t get to be a “pastor” and Preston’s book market dries up right? So, Miano and others had worked overtime on Facebook to try to shut River’s down. It doesn’t appear to be working.

And actually, Facebook is one of the last places you can find full preterist activity. The premier sites are ghost towns. PlanetPreterist…you know, the one ran by Brian McLaren wannabe, Virgil Vaduva died a few years back shortly after Vaduva’s failed foray into local politics. Likewise, Frost’s sounding board site lost its founder and “techie” guy so it dried up. Other full preterist sites are just as bad off.  But if you really want your fill of full preterism rhetoric, Facebook has groups you can join.  There are now even a lot more REAL opposition groups as well on Facebook (unlike the fake PretBlog).

I usually try to offer a bit of prediction for the coming year, but 2014 looks like it will hardly register a peep out of the Full Preterists. Miano was promising but after his relationship issues I’m not certain we can consider he will be very effective. What does that have to do with anything you ask? Well, in most mainline Christian denominations, a divorced pastor would be forced to resign. (see 1 Tim 3:5)  I’m not trying to be mean or rude to Miano, I actually like the guy and think he tries to be sincere but he may need some time to regroup.
Preston hasn’t put out anything new in years…even his “new” books are merely the same old rehashes. His coffee sipping videos are parodies of himself.
John Noe has been attempting to assert more of a voice but he can’t seem to get out of the way of his own ego. He even offered to debate fellow Full Pret, David Green but then backed out because Green wouldn’t worship Noe like his fawners do.

So, I predict that if Full Preterism doesn’t virtually die in 2014, it will be of such little consequence that even this site may go dormant…I mean, what is there to talk about here if we can’t even talk about the silly things the Full Prets are saying and doing if they aren’t saying and doing anything anymore? Which is a blessing. Their mouths and the mouths of their so-called “partial-preterist” enablers have been stopped. —

Roderick the Bully In His Own Words

Roderick proves he is a ‘bully’ (and stalker) with his own words:

Source #1 – Roderick says that it is a “bully tactic” and an attempt “to elicit violence” against someone to post what State that someone lives in:

“Another fellow on Facebook, presumably a full pret named Joe Simpson even took to the Vaduva-Bradfieldesque approach of trying to elicit violence against Rivers by posting over and over, in what state Rivers supposedly lives. How is this relevant? It is just bully tactics to try to get someone to shut up.”
Source #2 – In a post by stalker Roderick Edwards solely dedicated to compiling “as much information” about my pastor as the stalker could find, the stalker writes the following which includes the state my pastor lives in:

Online biographical material on Kenneth Talbot is scarce however I have compiled as much information as I could find.
FULL NAME: Kenneth Gary Talbot
DATE OF BIRTH: November 2, 1954
SPOUSE: Phyllis Ellen
CHILDREN: Alyson Funkhouser
SIBLINGS: D. Randall Talbot (others?)
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Lakeland Florida”


Is not Roderick the worst of the worst “bullies” and “stalkers”? He not only posted the State that Dr. Ken Talbot lives in, but listed the names of family members. He has also sent out Facebook friend requests to relatives of both Dr. Talbot and myself.

The mental retardation of Roderick the Bully and Stalker is really starting to reveal itself here. Stay Tuned. More obsessive behavior will be on its way soon and we will archive it here as soon as it arrives.

Still Obsessed

Yep. The stalker proves yet again that he is obsessed over me….here’s another childish rant of his in which he brings up my name:

While in June of 2010, then full preterist circuit speaker, Sam Frost said that I am “one of the most abhorred persons in the history of full preterism, it is now 2013-2014 and that honorable title has been passed to a new recipient. There is a fellow who has been a full preterist since the early years of the movement…that’s the 1970 for you newbies. Because of the nature of his federal work, he chooses to use an alias. He currently uses the name “Rivers Of Eden” He consistently posts under this name so there is no attempt to hide his identity otherwise. Hey, it’s not like he was a seminary president who went on a full preterist site using the name “superpreterist” and told his friends not to tell anyone it was him…oh yeah, that was Kenneth Talbot, the fraud of frauds (that’s for you Jason Bradfield, you need a post to steal and repost on your cowardly site). Anyhow, back to the point.

Why do full preterists hate this guy so much? Well, first off, let me demonstrate the kind of hate they show him. Full Pret, Dave Green often calls Rivers’ “Rivers of Evil”. (ref) Although I’m not certain who first coined this name for Rivers, Green’s buddy and fellow full pret, Michael Sullivan claimed it was “seasoned” full preterist, Larry Siegle. (ref)

Another fellow on Facebook, presumably a full pret named Joe Simpson even took to the Vaduva-Bradfieldesque approach of trying to elicit violence against Rivers by posting over and over, in what state Rivers supposedly lives. How is this relevant? It is just bully tactics to try to get someone to shut up. I’ve had bullies like Phil Nassens do this to me before, even posting the city where I live and where my daughter went to school. Why?

But as for the reason these folks hate Rivers so much; it is because he is demonstrating what full preterism is if applied consistently. And if applied consistently, full preterism destroys a person’s faith…or at least their ability to claim they are Christian in any historical sense.

To understand what is meant by consistently applied full preterism we must understand full preterism premises

It’s all about audience relevancy
All is fulfilled

These two points sum up, beyond just “Jesus already came back” what it means to not only be a full preterist but how to think like a person who can become or is a full preterist.

What I mean by this is that even people like Gary DeMar is a “preterist” who thinks and speaks like this — that it’s all about audience relevancy (who is the Bible speaking to – especially the “endtimes” texts) and that all is or has been fulfilled. DeMar and his fellow “partial preterists” are INCONSISTENT preterists because they do not fully apply these premises. However, so-called Full Preterists are ALSO, inconsistent preterists because now that a man like Rivers is trying to apply the premises consistently, full prets are up in arms.

What gets full prets in a tizzie is that Rivers tells people that the audience was only the first century Christians — who according to Rivers were only converted Abrahamic peoples (ie Jews). Rivers claims that the use of term “Gentiles”, at least in the N.T. is referring to wayward sons of Abraham who may have been away from the Holy Land. Verses like John 4:22, where it is said that “salvation is of the Jews” may appear to support Rivers’ claim.

But this alone isn’t enough to make full pret stars like Don Preston call Rivers a “racist and an atheist” as Preston has called Rivers in attempt to dismiss Rivers’ debate challenges to Preston.

Rivers also takes the “all is fulfilled” to a very consistent level. Like his fellow full preterists, Rivers says all was fulfilled by the year AD70. In this way, Rivers agrees with ALL full prets. But when Rivers says this, he really means it. If all was fulfilled by AD70, then there is a different situation going on, a situation that negatively affects not only Christianity’s role in the world, but even full preterisms’ Here are some examples if all is fulfilled.

No more pastors (Eph 4:11-16, 1 Pet 5:1-4)
No need for anyone to teach anyone else about Jesus (Heb 8:10-13)

What do these notions do to the concept of “authority”? Who would go to a Church let alone sit under a full preterist “pastor”? Who will buy John Noe’s latest self-promotion book?
It’s no wonder that full preterists — especially those in “authority” like Preston and Green (with his minor following) and Michael Miano with his pastorate, MUST oppose someone like Rivers. He is a danger to their gigs.

You know Rivers must be doing something when the full prets start to pile on. Preston has even been on Miano’s radio show trying to tamp down anyone looking into what Rivers is saying. Granted, Miano has had Rivers on his show too, however I’m having a problem finding a link to that show. I hope it hasn’t been deleted as has been done to Rivers when he did podcasts with full pret Michael Loomis. It got so bad at one point that Loomis received threats of withdraw from supporters for having Rivers on his podcasts.

Oddly enough, Preston got on Miano’s podcast disparaging people like Kenneth Gentry for only acceding to a type of fulfillment instead of a “real end”. Well, Rivers IS advocating a “real fulfillment/end” but his fellow full prets hate him for it.

For more examples of the piling on hatred of Rivers, take a look at this Facebook thread (before it is deleted).

Lastly I wanted to debunk some LIES going around about Rivers:

His real name is Chris Camillo — per Rivers, that is another alias he used early on.
He teaches Christian Identity doctrine — yet Rivers never quotes their material, only Bible verses.
He is a racist — this comes from the falsehood of saying he teaches Christian Identity.
He is an atheist — this comes from the falsehood of thinking that if all is fulfilled, then there is no faith.
He is lying — yet people who say this about him, never tell us what he is supposedly lying about.
He is not a full preterist — yet he meets all the beliefs FPs share. He’s just more consistent.
He is a hyperpreterist — this comes from FPs who claim they are not hyperprets.
He is a showboat egotist — yet he doesn’t even have his own website and doesn’t sell books.

So, even though I no more agree with Rivers than I do with any other Full Preterist, it is worth your time if you are a Full Preterist or studying Full Preterism to contact Rivers (I call him the Martin Luther of Full Preterism). See what he has to say. Listen to why Full Preterists hate him so much they want to silence him at all costs.

Rivers on Facebook

As soon as Michael Miano gives me the links, I’ll post the links to podcasts he did with Rivers and with Preston where Preston talks about Rivers.

A Stalker Blinded to His Stalking

Roderick, who writes about me on a weekly basis, now calls me the “stalker” merely because i copy and paste all his perverted, obsessed blogs about me on this site. Here is his recent one:

As you may know, Jason Bradfield is/was the P.R. man for Sam Frost. And as you may know further, Frost recently went through or is going through some marital issues — but that is neither here nor there, we all have our problems. The point is, Jason has a lot of free time on his hands. Since he doesn’t know what to do with himself he spends time STEALING articles and images of me from my site. This from a supposed “Christian” and “deacon-in-training”. I’ve tried a couple of times complaining to his pastors but since that is just as much a fraud as Sam and Jason ever were, it fell on deaf ears. I guess they have no problem with thieves among them.

Jason is so obsessed with me that he actually had taken the time to set up an anonymous website and then copy/change the font and page coloring to try to match this one. Yeah, he’s THAT weird folks.

Further, Jason has tracked down my place of work and called my boss trying to get me fired. He also called my home and tried to talk to my wife — even using her name, which as far as I know I have never given it out publicly on the Internet so he had to do a little REAL “stalking” to find all of this information. (I have no idea what his wife’s name is, nor am I eager to find it out)

You know, now that I think of it; when I started my first theological website, I called it Do you know that a few years later Jason also started a theological website, and you know what he called it? THE******.com Yeah, no veiled envy there. The guy is nothing but a follower; whether it has been moving his family from state to state following his “leaders” or trying to mimic people (even STEALING from people) instead of coming up with his own ideas. Sad really.

So, next time you hear the name Kenneth Talbot, or Gary DeMar just know that they endorse and promote men like Jason Bradfield…AND THAT’S why I want nothing to do with those frauds.

More Perverse Obsession with Men

Yes. It has only been a day since the last jab:

Poor Bradfield; just like he has always done, he is unable to refute the truth so instead he simply claims people are “lying”. It’s like a little kid whining. He has done this since I’ve known him. Never able to engage people. The places I have engaged him he usually gets banned or gets me banned because he buddies up with the admins. He is the prime example of Talbot’s destructive effect on his followers lives.

Poor Talbotites

The following is yet another recent post full of lies by the obsessive pagan Roderick Edwards; a man-child who would rather see people burn in hell than become Reformed Christians:

A group I have highlighted here at Unpreterist are the Talbotites. These are a group of folks that follow around Kenneth Talbot – a man who actually had the nerve to start his own denomination and then try to use it to give credibility to the seminary and church he started.

The preterist connection is detailed throughout this site, however a summary is that Sam Frost, who was once considered the main spokesman for Full Preterism was a favorite protege of Talbot.  Yet Talbot never publicly for over 10 years dared to challenge Frost.  As a matter of fact, while Frost was at the height of his Full Preterism, Talbot was having Frost develop student materials for his supposed “Christian” seminary.

Further, Talbot attempted to develop a modified form of Full Preterism he was calling “Realized Preterism”.  Fortunately, it has gone nowhere. Talbot also LIED by trying to tell people that either David Chilton was never a Full Preterist or that Chilton denounced that belief on his death bed.  There is absolutely no evidence of Chilton denouncing Full Preterism before he died. Not even Gary North; Chilton’s publisher claims this.

But the reason I have titled this article “Poor Talbotites” is because of the mass destructive effect Talbot has had on his followers.  Sam Frost’s life is in disarray with either a divorce or on the way to a divorce. He no longer has the will to debate Full Preterists and even dishonorably canceled his scheduled debate with Don Preston.

Another Talbotite; Dee Dee Warren who became a Talbotite after Talbot’s Romans 16:17-18 phone call to her where he sweet talked her and then gave her a free tuition (bought her off) to his self-made seminary; to shut her up from criticizing his connection to Frost.  He presided over Warren’s second marriage which lasted about 1 year, and now Warren is on her third marriage.  But not only that, her “anti-full preterist” websites are all gone.  My hope is she simply walked away from all the destruction that is Talbotism. If that is the case, I wish her well.

The Talbotites have spent YEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSS lying about people and illegally stealing their material yet pretending they are a righteous representation of Christianity.  They talk about “archiving” and “documenting” things but since liars can’t get their stories straight, the “archives” they create are merely their own delusions.

It is sad to see how the views and tactics of Talbot have destroyed almost everyone around him. He is a pitiful pretentious man who thinks too highly of himself and like his protege talks over people, droning on and on.  He fancies himself a 16-17th century theologian; with his dwarven beard and same black suit when in reality he is a cultist, having built his own little cult.

Oh yeah, I better mention Talbot’s most dedicated cult follower otherwise he won’t have an excuse to steal my copyrighted material and post it on his anonymous website.  Jason Bradfield; a man who moved his family from one state to another to follow around these cultists, a man who calls people’s places of employment in an attempt to get them fired, a man who calls people’s home and attempts to talk to their wives… Bradfield is Talbot’s most devoted underling; helping Talbot with his websites and serving as a deacon in training at Talbot’s self-made little church.

These people are truly “religionists” and cultists.  Their devotion to a  man who has clearly made himself a cult leader in every sense of the word; is sad to see.  I would rather see an ex-full preterist become an atheist before they became a Talbotite; since at least there would be hope to restore an atheist but Talbot’s destructive effect seems to kill the spirit of people who follow him.