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For a number of years now, Roderick Edwards of Greenwood, Indiana, has been cyber-stalking numerous people, including myself, via email, contact forms, commenting sections, youtube channels, facebook, and phone calls to family members, pastors, teachers, and employers.

He has a LONG history of this with people from various backgrounds. Here are a few sites where this stalking has been documented. Please note the comment sections on these sites; that is where many others will chime in and share their story as well. This is not even the tip of the iceberg:

I could get into a great deal of details concerning my history with him, but who wants to read all of that? Here is the bottom line: after getting sick and tired of the way he treated people, including myself, and witnessing some extremely disturbing “stalker” type behavior, i told him in no uncertain terms in May of 2008 to leave me alone. I demanded that he not contact me in any form or fashion. This only fueled his obsession. The emails have continued. The slander/libel on his websites have continued. He is now trying to befriend friends and relatives of mine on Facebook, who do not even know him. And he has tried numerous times to leave comments on my website and personal blog. I have blacklisted his ip address and email, but to no avail. He simply obtains new ones.

After a recent attack on my website, i made an attempt on Sept 13th to contact him via phone. All i got was a generic answering machine. I then attempted to contact any and every one associated with him to inform them of what he was doing and that i would be pressing charges. I spoke for about 10 minutes with his supervisor at Hellmann Logistics and reported him to the FBI that night.

The purpose of this site is to document all of his “stalker” activity. I will NOT be writing any commentary or addressing him directly. I will not be making any attempts to contact him directly. The sole purpose of this site is to document (linking, copying and pasting) any and all material in which he writes and speaks of me. This site will serve as a witness to the frequency and volume of which this pathetic excuse of a man, Roderick Edwards, has exerted in stalking me, Jason Bradfield.

And i’m just one of his victims. Believe it or not, there are at least two other men of whom he stalks even worse: Samuel Frost, Th.M. and Dr Kenneth Talbot, President of Whitefield Theological Seminary


Been stalked by Roderick as well? Tell us about it:

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