The Idiot Speaks About Me Again

Another year passes and here at UNPRETERIST.BLOGSPOT.COM we’ve kept you informed of all the events within the preterist movement. But 2013 may have been the most important year yet. In 2013 we saw the decline and eventual collapse of the so-called “anti-preterist” groups. We say “so-called” because these groups were in fact very friendly to full or hyperpreterism while pretending they were opposing it. We’ll get more into that in a moment. 2013 also was perhaps the most lackluster year yet for the full preterist movement, with no notable conferences or book releases or debates.

The high-profile “anti-preterist” website; PreteristBlog, administered by “Dee Dee Warren” ceased operation without warning. The site is still online but all the content is gone and replaced only by a simple message referring visitors to a Facebook page…a page that also doesn’t offer any update. While I don’t want to speculate as to what happened, I am hopeful that this is a sign that Warren is backing away from her association with hyperpreterist enabler, Kenneth Talbot.  But I doubt it.  PreteristBlog’s departure also shows it outlived its relevance anyway. Once it started cozying up to Sam Frost, it was doomed.

Speaking of Frost, when he left the movement *wink wink* to follow after “Realized Preterism”, he boasted how he was ready to debate any full preterist, anywhere at anytime. Hyperpret author, Don Preston took up the challenge but when Frost’s marital life took a bad turn, he backed out not giving any reason for it. Frost’s P.R. man said since Frost only agreed to the debate verbally and not in writing that he wasn’t bound to stick with the deal.  Hmmm…so much for Mt 5:37 eh? I hope Frost’s life gets back in order and that he can uncouple himself from Talbotism.

Perhaps the most consistent full preterist ever, a fellow who goes by the name “RiversOfEden” had been advocating for applying the full preterist premises…well…consistently, which would mean when they say “all was fulfilled” in the first century and “audience relevancy”, Rivers sees the last generation of Christians being those in the 1st century. There is no more salvation after AD70. God’s plan is done…upon that “audience” and that generation. However, other full prets like Preston and up-comer Michael Miano saw how destructive this consistency was to full preterism. After all, if it is all fulfilled, Miano doesn’t get to be a “pastor” and Preston’s book market dries up right? So, Miano and others had worked overtime on Facebook to try to shut River’s down. It doesn’t appear to be working.

And actually, Facebook is one of the last places you can find full preterist activity. The premier sites are ghost towns. PlanetPreterist…you know, the one ran by Brian McLaren wannabe, Virgil Vaduva died a few years back shortly after Vaduva’s failed foray into local politics. Likewise, Frost’s sounding board site lost its founder and “techie” guy so it dried up. Other full preterist sites are just as bad off.  But if you really want your fill of full preterism rhetoric, Facebook has groups you can join.  There are now even a lot more REAL opposition groups as well on Facebook (unlike the fake PretBlog).

I usually try to offer a bit of prediction for the coming year, but 2014 looks like it will hardly register a peep out of the Full Preterists. Miano was promising but after his relationship issues I’m not certain we can consider he will be very effective. What does that have to do with anything you ask? Well, in most mainline Christian denominations, a divorced pastor would be forced to resign. (see 1 Tim 3:5)  I’m not trying to be mean or rude to Miano, I actually like the guy and think he tries to be sincere but he may need some time to regroup.
Preston hasn’t put out anything new in years…even his “new” books are merely the same old rehashes. His coffee sipping videos are parodies of himself.
John Noe has been attempting to assert more of a voice but he can’t seem to get out of the way of his own ego. He even offered to debate fellow Full Pret, David Green but then backed out because Green wouldn’t worship Noe like his fawners do.

So, I predict that if Full Preterism doesn’t virtually die in 2014, it will be of such little consequence that even this site may go dormant…I mean, what is there to talk about here if we can’t even talk about the silly things the Full Prets are saying and doing if they aren’t saying and doing anything anymore? Which is a blessing. Their mouths and the mouths of their so-called “partial-preterist” enablers have been stopped. —


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