A Stalker Blinded to His Stalking


Roderick, who writes about me on a weekly basis, now calls me the “stalker” merely because i copy and paste all his perverted, obsessed blogs about me on this site. Here is his recent one:

As you may know, Jason Bradfield is/was the P.R. man for Sam Frost. And as you may know further, Frost recently went through or is going through some marital issues — but that is neither here nor there, we all have our problems. The point is, Jason has a lot of free time on his hands. Since he doesn’t know what to do with himself he spends time STEALING articles and images of me from my site. This from a supposed “Christian” and “deacon-in-training”. I’ve tried a couple of times complaining to his pastors but since that is just as much a fraud as Sam and Jason ever were, it fell on deaf ears. I guess they have no problem with thieves among them.

Jason is so obsessed with me that he actually had taken the time to set up an anonymous website and then copy/change the font and page coloring to try to match this one. Yeah, he’s THAT weird folks.

Further, Jason has tracked down my place of work and called my boss trying to get me fired. He also called my home and tried to talk to my wife — even using her name, which as far as I know I have never given it out publicly on the Internet so he had to do a little REAL “stalking” to find all of this information. (I have no idea what his wife’s name is, nor am I eager to find it out)

You know, now that I think of it; when I started my first theological website, I called it THEkingdomcome.com. Do you know that a few years later Jason also started a theological website, and you know what he called it? THE******.com Yeah, no veiled envy there. The guy is nothing but a follower; whether it has been moving his family from state to state following his “leaders” or trying to mimic people (even STEALING from people) instead of coming up with his own ideas. Sad really.

So, next time you hear the name Kenneth Talbot, or Gary DeMar just know that they endorse and promote men like Jason Bradfield…AND THAT’S why I want nothing to do with those frauds.


Been stalked by Roderick as well? Tell us about it:

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