Poor Talbotites

The following is yet another recent post full of lies by the obsessive pagan Roderick Edwards; a man-child who would rather see people burn in hell than become Reformed Christians:


A group I have highlighted here at Unpreterist are the Talbotites. These are a group of folks that follow around Kenneth Talbot – a man who actually had the nerve to start his own denomination and then try to use it to give credibility to the seminary and church he started.

The preterist connection is detailed throughout this site, however a summary is that Sam Frost, who was once considered the main spokesman for Full Preterism was a favorite protege of Talbot.  Yet Talbot never publicly for over 10 years dared to challenge Frost.  As a matter of fact, while Frost was at the height of his Full Preterism, Talbot was having Frost develop student materials for his supposed “Christian” seminary.

Further, Talbot attempted to develop a modified form of Full Preterism he was calling “Realized Preterism”.  Fortunately, it has gone nowhere. Talbot also LIED by trying to tell people that either David Chilton was never a Full Preterist or that Chilton denounced that belief on his death bed.  There is absolutely no evidence of Chilton denouncing Full Preterism before he died. Not even Gary North; Chilton’s publisher claims this.

But the reason I have titled this article “Poor Talbotites” is because of the mass destructive effect Talbot has had on his followers.  Sam Frost’s life is in disarray with either a divorce or on the way to a divorce. He no longer has the will to debate Full Preterists and even dishonorably canceled his scheduled debate with Don Preston.

Another Talbotite; Dee Dee Warren who became a Talbotite after Talbot’s Romans 16:17-18 phone call to her where he sweet talked her and then gave her a free tuition (bought her off) to his self-made seminary; to shut her up from criticizing his connection to Frost.  He presided over Warren’s second marriage which lasted about 1 year, and now Warren is on her third marriage.  But not only that, her “anti-full preterist” websites are all gone.  My hope is she simply walked away from all the destruction that is Talbotism. If that is the case, I wish her well.

The Talbotites have spent YEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSS lying about people and illegally stealing their material yet pretending they are a righteous representation of Christianity.  They talk about “archiving” and “documenting” things but since liars can’t get their stories straight, the “archives” they create are merely their own delusions.

It is sad to see how the views and tactics of Talbot have destroyed almost everyone around him. He is a pitiful pretentious man who thinks too highly of himself and like his protege talks over people, droning on and on.  He fancies himself a 16-17th century theologian; with his dwarven beard and same black suit when in reality he is a cultist, having built his own little cult.

Oh yeah, I better mention Talbot’s most dedicated cult follower otherwise he won’t have an excuse to steal my copyrighted material and post it on his anonymous website.  Jason Bradfield; a man who moved his family from one state to another to follow around these cultists, a man who calls people’s places of employment in an attempt to get them fired, a man who calls people’s home and attempts to talk to their wives… Bradfield is Talbot’s most devoted underling; helping Talbot with his websites and serving as a deacon in training at Talbot’s self-made little church.

These people are truly “religionists” and cultists.  Their devotion to a  man who has clearly made himself a cult leader in every sense of the word; is sad to see.  I would rather see an ex-full preterist become an atheist before they became a Talbotite; since at least there would be hope to restore an atheist but Talbot’s destructive effect seems to kill the spirit of people who follow him.


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