The following words were written by Roderick Edwards concerning the Puritan Board, a forum owned and operated by a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly and instructor for Whitefield Theological Seminary; the same denomination and seminary that Rod claims is part of a cult. hmmm…so what changed? The denomination, seminary, and forum have not changed.

Answer: Roderick changed. Roderick changes whenever it suits him. He especially hates to be confronted by men who actually understand the Reformed faith better than he does. And when his ignorance is pointed out, he turns on you.



This is the Puritan Board blog of Roderick Edwards. Roderick Edwards maintains a website at (TKC), but frequents PB because it has a strong and resolute Reformed community. PB is a blessing in a world that is increasingly watering down historic Christianity.

The blog posting for TKC On PB may be articles posted on TKC, other forums or unique to PB.

Enjoy, be edified and God bless and keep you.


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