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In early 2004 the website; was started at first as a place to promote a more conservative form of “Full Preterism”.  By 2007, Roderick Edwards, the purveyor of the site had abandoned the heresy of Full or Hyperpreterism. The site was retooled to promote time honored theological answers to contemporary issues.

After many years of being a place where people could come for honest interaction; as it did not require registration or login to leave comments, by 2013 Roderick decided it was time to leave behind the “religionists”. No, it was not a leaving of the Faith but merely an acknowledgement that much of “ahem”; esteemed theologians are part of a “good-ole-boys” club that covers for the corruption of their peers.  This became extremely apparent in how seminary owner Kenneth Talbot covered for corrupt men and even promoted them as if they were honorable men.

At the height of this corruption, one of Talbot’s underlings; a man Talbot even promoted to “deacon” within his church, actually called Roderick’s work in an attempt to get him fired. This same man, whom Talbot promotes as a “Christian” called Roderick’s home an attempted to interact with his wife. This same man stole (and still keeps) Roderick’s copyrighted material against Roderick’s expressed statements.

Anyhow, the corruption among men like Talbot and his peers like Gary DeMar, Kenneth Gentry and others is so wide-spread, that Roderick saw no nobility in keeping a theological presence in such an environment and prays every day that God bring such corruption to an end. was closed on October 03, 2013. Most content is transferred to where Roderick maintains his last theological website, which is geared toward “undoing hyperpreterism” — something Talbot specifically would not and could not do because he was too embedded with hyperpreterists themselves. 

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2 thoughts on “More lies from “ Archive”

  1. It is impossible for Roderick to write anything without lying. Impossible:

    1. I have not been “promoted to deacon”. I am in training, along with 3 other men; training that involves service and earning a degree, which will take years to finish.

    2. I did not call Roderick’s work to get him fired. I called Roderick’s work to ask his supervisor if he was aware of the fact that an employee of his was spamming my email – after i had asked Roderick multiple times to leave me alone – and doing so while on the clock. Roderick himself told me in one of his spam emails that he was at work while harassing me. Apparently, Roderick doesn’t think one has to actually work when getting paid to work. If there was any threat of being “fired”, it came only because Roderick was caught stealing money from his employer by not working while on the clock.

    3. I did not call his house to “interact with his wife.” Unlike Roderick, i do not call or email men’s spouses (as Rod did to Chuck Coty’s wife). I called his house, wanting to speak to Rod, after he skirted a ban on my website (something he has done multiple times) attempting to leave a comment and spammed me multiple times with emails. When i got his answering machine, i left a message addressed to BOTH Mr and Mrs Edwards. It was after this, that Roderick sent yet another email, telling me he was at work. So that is when i called his work.

    Roderick claims to have recorded my message; interestingly enough, though he continues to slander me about what i actually said in that message, he has yet to make that recording available online for anyone to hear what i actually said. And of course, he never will do it…because it would immediately expose his lies about what i said.

    4. Yes, i do archive every post Roderick writes about me, here on this site, as a testimony to a sick and pathetic man’s obsession with me.

    And as you can see, here we are in October of 2013 and not a month goes by where Roderick doesn’t fantasize and write about me.

    Poor, pathetic, little man.

  2. ps. Roderick lies about his open policy as well. Multiple comments by numerous people have been deleted by Roderick over the years.

    Roderick thinks everyone is stupid enough to believe that just because a person can comment easily, that this equates to allowing open debate. Sure, you can leave a comment on his site easily, but don’t expect it to stay on there long if you call him out on his sick, almost sexually perverse obsession with certain men.

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