Sam Frost Reneges On Debate

In May 2010, Dee Dee Warren and her little sycophants promoted a “debate” I NEVER agreed to and attributed to me positions I do not hold. (see here). I objected to it at the time as underhanded and not becoming of people who claim to be “Christians”.  Even their esteemed “Dr.” Talbot didn’t force them to retract their lies…because he too is a liar.  HOWEVER, here we are in July 2013 and a REAL debate, instigated by Sam Frost (protege of Talbot) toward consistent preterist; Don Preston has been withdrawn. Frost reneged — that means Frost went back on his word.  Yet not a peep out of Dee Dee or PaulT Gates or the rest of the Talbotites.

Here is the 6 and half minute video of Preston explaining how Frost failed to keep his promise:

Notice that Jason Bradfield; Frost’s P.R. man comes to Frost’s defense. But how do you defend a man who doesn’t keep his word?

Also notice how Preston calls Frost’s 80 page booklet; a “book”.

Now, here is my hope. I hope Frost is done trying to present himself as God’s gift to theology. I’m sure Sam is a great janitor (his profession). I would be more than happy to do my business in toilets Frost has cleaned…. Seriously though, maybe Frost is finally realizing he is just a man and that he and Talbot spent YEARS destroying other people’s lives….and should be repentant rather than arrogant. Maybe, just maybe he is starting to show a bit of humility.


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