From a Guy Who Has Not Read a Single Book of Gordon Clark

A Clarkian Seeing The Light?

Oddly I am seeing reports where a rabid Clarkian is appearing to say that God’s ways are above our own as it clearly says in Isaiah 55:8-9. Clarkians as you may know are followers of Gordon Clark. Clark was a philosopher who supposed that the Bible is always “logical” and can always be approached with sheer logic. Clark taught that there is no such thing as a paradox in the Bible even though paradox is only an apparentcontradiction but not an actual contradiction. Or, maybe it’s Clark’s followers that come off as claiming this and Clark himself never meant to imply this. However, there are paradoxes all over the Bible; such as the “first shall be last and the last shall be first”. Miracles are apparent contradictions against the “logical” laws of nature.

I have found Clarkians to be perhaps the rudest “Christians” I have ever encountered; usually because they seem to “logically” give themselves a pass for their corruption. (By the way; Kenneth Talbot is a champ of Clarkianism — which says a lot)

Anyhow, this Clarkian recently quoted Psalm 131:1-3 which is amazing because it speaks of humility and not trying to attain to “matters too great”. Most Clarkians seem to think they are so much smarter than the average person. Talbot even thinks he can decide who should be killed if they don’t “obey” him and his cronies (source).

Is this Clarkian finally seeing the light that he isn’t such a big shot? I doubt it; because this guy is way too full of himself. But I pray the Lord does a work in him.


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