TKC Closing – Nobody Cares

TKC Closing

After almost 12 years, I am closing this site when the account comes due for renewal in Oct 2013. Why? Well, because quite frankly I’m sick and tired of religionists. Don’t get me wrong. I am “religious”. I’m a devout Christian. But a religionist is someone who is so wrapped up in their “religion” that they abandon integrity and honesty. Jesus called such people hypocrites like the Pharisees who would devise all sorts of technicalities to get around Sabbath prohibitions yet condemn other people for infractions. These are religionists. They read Bible verses (or whatever “sacred” book(s) they may hold) as if they were sub-sectioned law books that require them to figure out all the loop holes they can apply to themselves.

I just want out. Removing myself from my most vocal theological presence should be the way to go about it. Perhaps I will be less a target for the religionists. This DOESN’T mean I’m going away…sorry to tell you, you stalker religionists. I will work in other ways to push back against religionists.

But until that time, I will continue to post here periodically.


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