Hating The Messenger For Hate’s Sake


There has been no doubt that over the last few years this site has focused on the “Talbotites” — Kenneth Talbot followers. Some of these are high profile ex-Full Preterists like Sam Frost and Jason Bradfield. And over these years, the Talbotites have been vicious haters of me; Bradfield went so far as to call my house and try to talk to my wife about me and even creepishly stalked out my place of work and called my boss to try to get me fired. All of this and yet the Talbotites continue to have people think they are honorable people.

Well, I want to revisit history; especially in light of Bradfield’s latest article. Oddly enough, even with all his hatred, I have respect for Bradfield; always have. Of the pair, Frost and Bradfield, I certainly give creds to Bradfield having a more honest heart. Anyhow. During the years when I left the Full Preterist movement and tried to explain HOW people got into it; and specifically mentioning how Bradfield got into it, Bradfield’s hatred simmered. He just couldn’t hear what Roderick Edwards was saying — he hates me that much. His hatred gets in his way.

In Bradfield’s latest article, called The Subtlety of Heresy he further explains how he fell into “hyperpreterism”.  He says:

“….in 2003, my family and i packed our bags and moved to Florida to dedicate our lives to what i thought was the ‘new reformation.’ Seven. Years. Seven freakin’ years of wallowing in that garbage.”

This is a reference of Bradfield contacting and then joining up with Full Preterist self-styled “pastor”, Sam Frost. This is the same Frost that Kenneth  Talbot allowed to help develop student materials for his seminary while never confronting Frost publicly. Could you imagine if Talbot would have instead, aggressively opposed and denounced Frost’s promotion of…well, how does Bradfield call it? “garbage”.  Instead, Talbot knowingly allowed and even fostered Frost’s many years of promoting heresy. Talbot has finally given Bradfield a role in his seminary and I wonder if a bit of it is due as repayment for helping to cause people like Bradfield to waste “seven freakin’ years of walling in garbage”. I mean, when good men see evil and do nothing, there are consequences right?


While I certainly think it is good news when a person breaks free of a cult or a heresy, it is not good news when they simply jump into another cult or heresy. Isn’t there any red flags for Bradfield about joining with Talbot; the man who coddled the man who helped Bradfield fall into heresy in the first place??? What would have happened if Frost wasn’t there for Bradfield to pack up and move to Florida over? Maybe Bradfield and his family wouldn’t have spent “seven freakin’ years” in that cult had he not also been coddled by Talbot’s protégé — Frost.

Read how Bradfield describes in another posting how he entered Full Preterism:

“For those of you who don’t know me, i embraced the full pret framework (all prophecy was fulfilled by ad70) in late 2002 and went on to aid Sam Frost as the techie guy behind Christ Covenant Church, which turned into RCM, as well as formed SGP, which is still one of the most active full pret social networks around…  Well, there are a number of factors. Looking back, I think alot of it has to do with how i entered into the view. I embraced “full preterism” out of frustration and impatience. At the time that i decided to go all in, i was a pastor-in-training at a reformed baptist church that taught postmillennialism from the pulpit.” (source)

Notice his situation. He was being groomed for the pastorate. He wanted to be a power-broker. He admits he became frustrated and impatient. It wasn’t happening fast enough for him.  Interestingly, Bradfield’s history is repeating itself as he has jumped into Talbotism.  He is currently a…and I quote: “a deacon-in-training” at Talbot’s church. (See link) He is also the “techie guy” behind Talbot’s ministries.

What has changed? Bradfield simply left one heresy/cult where he wasn’t able to succeed and jumped into another one….doing the same things he previously did. He is still chasing the power.


Bradfield almost behaves like a person with Stockholm syndrome, where he begins to identify with his abusers. After all, Frost directly abused Bradfield by helping him stay captive “seven freakin years” to the cult/heresy of Full Preterism. And Talbot fostered and aided Frost’s push by never publicly opposing his pupil. And now, here’s Bradfield working side-by-side with his two main abusers. You’d think he’d consider that they were directly responsible for what happened to him…and his family.

Commenting on Bradfield’s article, Frost said:

“I would take umbrage at this if it were not for the truth. I remember those nights talking to Jason to “come on down” to Florida. We were, at the time, convinced. I know I was.”

See, exactly as I said in 2011:

“Note the progression here. Bradfield loses acceptance in his former circles. The network breaks down and leaves him and his family without proper supporting fellowship, especially in his time of need. Somehow Bradfield gets in contact with hyperpreterist leader Sam Frost…One of my MAIN COMPLAINTS against Dr. Kenneth Talbot is that for 10 years, Talbot allowed Frost to not only attend Talbot’s Christian seminary, Talbot actually allowed Frost to assist in developing the seminary’s student materials. For 10 years, Talbot in essence validated Frost’s hyperpreterism. Where was Talbot while Frost continued to advocate this heresy over the last 10-15 years? Why do we not see anything publicly from Talbot discouraging Frost’s promotion of heresy? Instead, we see Bradfield; as a dejected Christian who is led astray by Frost into the heresy, by Frost being there at the very crucial moment…Notice the HUGE FACTOR that precipitated Bradfield’s into the heresy — a WELCOMING, comforting, validating atmosphere. This is EXACTLY why I am soooooo adamant that Christians never appear to validate hyperpreterism or hyperpreterists. It only lengthens their stay within the heresy. Bradfield admits that without the “pressure” [to prove/test all things], he was able to put the important questions on the back burner [and adopt heresy].” – (source)

Now, Bradfield is but one man. How about all the other people that Frost/Talbot coddled and took advantage of to promote Full Preterism. And what about all the people they are currently coddling and taking advantage of to promote Talbotism? Why is Bradfield now helping his former abusers abuse more people — al be it with another heresy/cult. How can Bradfield trust these men? They obviously didn’t care about him the first time around. Frost even admits he was “convinced” his heresy/cult was right. How long will he follow a person taking him down dangerous paths…”convinced” they are right but actually terribly wrong.

I’ve been opposing Talbot for many years now and for many years his proxies viciously attack me for daring to question an “elder”. No matter how many facts are brought out, they always attempt to explain them away or say it is out of context. It sounds like they are “convinced” again…again by the SAME MAN who failed them the first time around. Talbot didn’t just fail Bradfield, but he failed Frost. What kind of “elder”, “pastor”, “seminary president” coddles a major leader of a heresy yet takes no responsibility in what that does to people’s lives.  I know Talbot had almost single-handedly ruined my faith but he has never lifted a finger to help. He is an evil man who even now advocates “quick executions” of people who do not obey him if/when ever he is “in charge”.  Really Jason? This is what you want to be part of? Go on hating me all you want, but please, please do not repeat your history with these frauds.


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