The UnPreterist: What More Can Be Done?

When this blog was started in 2006, the intent was to help people get out of or avoid getting into “hyperpreterism” (Full Preterism). It was both a labor of love toward those people who were either in the “preterist movement” or knew someone in it; and it was a cathartic endeavor. But something I didn’t realize at the beginning as much is that so-called “Partial-Preterism” is the “gateway drug” into Full Preterism. I less and less find fault with people who embrace Full Preterism because when you look at all the contradictory arguments from Partial-Preterists; it leads a person right into Full Preterism. I mean, when you have men like Kenneth Gentry, Gary DeMar, and their “papa”; Kenneth Talbot all saying that historic Christian eschatology has been so lacking or a “garbed mess” (DeMar’s words); so much so that these men like Talbot create personalized eschatologies such as Talbot’s Realized Preterism — it is no wonder people desire to take up their own eschatology as well.

The doctrines of these men are so convoluted that I don’t blame an honest person for abandoning anything these men say.  From Talbot’s apparent Clarkian-induced Nestorianism, to Gentry’s eventual 3rd coming of Christ these men are not the champions they are made out to be. Further, their “good ole boy” club where they are all connected either via being on each others’ “boards” or having “churches” in each others self-made micro-denominations, or handing out “degrees” to each other from their self-made seminaries — it is despicable. (look at all the connections, you’ll see it too)

Add to this, their and their sycophantic followers’ behavior. They even have one immature fellow who ironically enough is supposedly a “deacon-in-training” at one of their churches and who does lots of their websites. This fellow has tracked down my wife’s name and called my house asking for her? Why? What kind of man complains to another man’s wife over a theological dispute? Secondly, this same “deacon-in-training” tracked down where I work (a non-theological place) and called my boss, trying to get me fired.  What did this fellow’s “elders” do when I asked them to look into it? Told me “they didn’t want to get involved”. Yeah, real honorable men there.

Well, I’ve done all I can do here folks. There are loads of articles on this site. I list many people BY NAME so there is no confusion as to who I am addressing. I’ve given you loads of source links so that you can verify what I say about these people.  Now it is up to you. You can either look the other way and keep endorsing men like the fellow who called my work (or his incestuous “pastors”) or you can kick the dust off your feet and stick with the Christianity that Jesus and His hand-picked apostles taught and practiced. Because if you adopt that “Partial-Preterism” of these frauds with its claimed failure of historic Christianity; you might as well go all the way and accept Full Preterism. At least in Full Preterism you wouldn’t be putting yourself under the direction of demonstrated frauds and liars such as these Partial-Preterists.  Rather, I would like to see you adopt historic Christianity; which is NOT a “garbled mess”.

What more can be done?


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