Roderick Harassing Church Elders

Roderick, who does not attend any church and no longer sees a need for “elders”, is now on the rampage to get at me via my elders and denomination.


Roderick Edwards ( sent the following message

Well Mr. ****,

I can see you are no more honest than Ken Talbot who also would not honestly look into what I asked him about the seminary allowing a known full preterist help develop materials. Instead you obviously are now endorsing the sinful behavior of one of your “deacons in training”.  If you weren’t part of a made-up denomination by Talbot, I’d take this up with your presbytery or synod.   You were asked to look into a member harassing a person; even using a fake email and impersonating me; instead you now validate this from Jason Bradfield: No wonder people see Whitefield as a cultic seminary — you “elders” will protect your own no matter how sinful they are.

Thanks for showing me how fraudulent you are. I only wish you had a conscience. 



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