More Email Harassment from Roderick Edwards

Roderick Edwards, who claims to be a Christian yet does not attend any church and no longer sees a need for pastors, is now on the rampage to get at me via my elders and denomination.


In his typical stalker style, Roderick finally found out where i attend church and then attempted to contact my elders to drive a wedge between me and them. The most comical part about this, besides the fact that not a single man in the denomination takes him seriously, is that one of the elders is Dr Talbot; another victim of Roderick Edwards sinful, obsessive behavior. All one has to do is visit any site where Roderick posts and you will find post after post after post about Dr T; who has absolutely zero interaction with him and lives as though Roderick simply does not exist.

Well, after explaining to the stalker idiot that i run the church website and any messages that come via the site will be seen by me…because…uh..once again…i run the site…Roderick now claims that i “intercepted” these messages. 

ROFL. What an idiot.

And since we all had a good laugh about this and chose to ignore him, Roderick is now trying to appeal to our General Assembly, who he thinks are nothing but a bunch of frauds.

He says so himself in this email sent to me after realizing that no one takes him seriously:

“I would expect nothing less from a corrupt organization posing as a Christian institution. I mean, after all; Talbot had to create his own denomination because he was not humble enough to submit to any of the 30,000 existing denominations.  And now, as Robin pointed out; Talbot wears his “zoot suit” costume and sports his “I-don’t-live-in-the-real-world” Dwarven beard as all you little minions google after his every word.

“Jason there is a concept for the kind of “unity” you are experiencing. It is the “thicker-than-thieves” concept. Of course you guys will stick together. Corruption loves company. You are a corrupt individual who believes you are “justified” in every corrupt thing you do.

“I wonder what legitimate “pastor” would be okay with a “deacon-in-training” intercepting his emails and posing as other people, and calling people’s secular bosses in an attempt to get them fired. You and your “elders” are frauds Jason.”


Been stalked by Roderick as well? Tell us about it:

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