The UnPreterist: Launched

I’ll be shifting more and more of my focus away from theological considerations and more to my personal website: Hateful souls, like the mouth-foaming Jason L. Bradfield (aka “kingneb”) thinks the personal site is some sort of egotistical endeavor. Actually it is an attempt not to be swallowed up by the herd mentality that often surrounds people, like Bradfield’s ideological grandpa; Kenneth Talbot.

I don’t want to be part of some vague “movement” led by a bunch of ivory-tower shady elitists like Talbot, Gary DeMar and such who fall for the fraudulent claims of men like Sam Frost.

I want to bust out of being defined by the false narratives so painstakingly constructed by these janitors and truck drivers with an Internet connection. Now, I don’t say that because I think I’m better than them, but because I UNDERSTAND my place in all of this.  You don’t see me going around calling myself the “president” of this or that or claiming I am a “pastor” even though Frost who claims such was NEVER a Christian pastor and only ever “ordained” by the state of Florida.

Now, I said all of that to explain why I am moving to a more POSITIVE position. At I will rarely talk about theological matters and hopefully NEVER about these frauds. I want a place where I can address more pressing issues. I would like interact with HONEST people. People of integrity of any background.



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