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Thanks. For all of our spats and disagreements, you “get” an A plus here. Roderick, as we all know, is out to smear me any way he can, and has been doing it for 15 years. He saw an opportunity here with Criswell and took it. The dignity of Criswell (a vocal membership at Evangelical Theological Society) is intact on this matter. Although we are on opposite side, Robin, we both know what “hard work” means. I’ll let Roderick’s works allow him to fall on his own sword….pretty much like Hillary did today on hers.

Actually what “we all know” is that Sam, you NEVER actually deal with the FACTS. You wave them off like the Rom 16:17-18 smooth talker you are. You try to use social conformance to silence your critics. You act like you are being “smeared” when actually the facts are stacking against you. The dignity of Criswell was questioned by Joel McDurmon and Jason Bradfield and instead you act like its me who has some sort of issue. You are such a hypocritcal fraud.


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