CARM: Why the anti-pret battle is lost

Notice something missing from Sam’s statements??? SOURCE LINKS, evidence of what he says. Sam is a good speaker no doubt, but Romans 16:17-18 tells us about these kinds of people; people who make it sound like they are having civil discussions with you because they “smooth talk” by reminding you how “way back” you and they might go. Well, how come how “way back” Sam and I go is then instead presented as “obsessing” instead of a positive? It is because I DO and WILL bring the source links to show that what Sam is saying is not true.


He claims two elders were called in to… what give more legitimacy to his ordination?? But he neglects to tell the readers that those same elders have since DEFROCKED him and when they defrocked him, Sam claimed they never had anything to do with his ordination in the first place. Which is it???? Which Sam do we believe. See the SOURCE LINK yourself and the exchange between Sam and the “elders” who defrocked him.


Sam is trying to play the victim here, acting like he just happen to register a new account here at CARM, briefly after his P.R. man Jason Bradfield was banned for flagrant violations of the rules. And which thread does Sam just happen to comment on first? MINE. Who is “harassing” whom? He comments on my thread talking about “anti-prets” and he thinks there will be no interaction from me simply because he doesn’t use my name? Really?

Further, no one said Sam was calling my house. See how he switched that on the reader? It was clearly Jason, and to that Sam doesn’t really speak; instead he makes it look like Jason was being harassed. I never called Jason’s house asking for his wife by name as Jason has mine. I never called Jason’s boss as Jason has done mine. I never set up a fake email account using Jason’s name as the sender as Jason has done mine. Who then in the REAL attackers??? I’ve said nothing “slamming” or attacking of Sam Frost. I never say things here that he “has no clue” — that is attacking. I merely have stated VERIFIABLE FACTS, with source links.


Any counter-cult ministry is going to address the players in a cult. You don’t address Mormonism and not talk about Joseph Smith jr, Orson Pratt, and others. So, of course Sam and his associates will be addressed when we discuss…let’s call it the “Whitefieldian Cult” (at least here on CARM). The Whitefieldian Cult is throughly a “preterist cult” — not in the sense that “full or hyper preterism” might be considered a cult, since it has no clear leadership, but in the sense that a central figure is at the heart of the Whitefieldian Cult and does admit to orchestrating much that goes on under his purview. This is no conspiracy, as the leader of the cult has said point blank:

“I am good at what I do, both in preaching and in apologetics, and even better in debating. But I am not so good that I will change them. You are trying to engage about 100 to 400 people. I have a better strategy, I am going to engage every Reformed and Evangelical Pastor in this country as to what Hyperpreterism is and what they need to understand. That part of my plan is almost over. What I do next? Let’s wait and see.” — source

Anyone part of the Whitefieldian Cult are part of his “plan”, his “better strategy”. There is a reason Jason Bradfield admins so much of the Whitefieldian websites.


Sam tries to make it sound like he should be considered a legitimate “pastor” because he did the work of a “pastor”. Should ex-Mormon elders be considered legitimate Christian pastors after they leave that cult? Worse yet, would it be right for that ex-Mormon elder to apparently hide the FACT that he was only ever a Mormon elder and never a Christian pastor, as Sam does with his “hyper pret pastorate”?

Lastly, Jason is the one that referred to his burning his “hyper pret” books as akin to destroying books on “magic arts”. It was Jason that referenced Acts 19:19-20.

The ummmm… inconsistencies/hypocrisies of Frost’s statements can’t bear the light of DOCUMENTED, VERIFIABLE FACTS.
More later — I’m glad Frost is here, and if the mods permit, I will interact with Frost directly in front of witnesses so that the plain truth will be clear for all to see. I will not imply Frost “doesn’t have a clue” — as a matter of fact, I will credit to Frost, a Rom 16:17-18 cleverness in everything he does, including coming here, registering shortly after his right-hand man was banned, and then commenting on MY thread that is directly addressing the movement of which he is apart, and then slyly acting like he is being “slammed”. That is as clever as any politician could be. Try to turn the tables indeed.

P.S. After having these folks call the church I was attending, I’ll never publicly reveal to these folks anything about my fellowship life; let alone the fact they call my family and work. Pitiful.


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