The UnPreterist: Sam Frost Gets A New Leash

Supposed ex-hyperpreterist Sam Frost, known for his pandering and his “dancing bear” routines where he does whatever his handlers say; be it Jason Bradfield (who Sam would have no Internet voice without), or Ken Talbot, or Virgil Vaduva, or now Dee Dee Warren (not her real name btw).  On July 17, 2012; Warren more or less tried to leash Frost by telling him to no longer interact with his former hyperpreterists who bring FACTUAL comments against Frost.  Warren said:

“Sam there is nothing of value there, I no longer read it. That is another reason I am reposting some of the back catalog, to give readers something more useful than the pretcosmos nonsense.

You don’t have to defend yourself against them, nothing will ever be enough. I think it is more than high time to remember the second part of the proverbs, do not answer a fool according to his folly.

On the rare occasion there is something worth responding to, I will do so, and for those occasions I let my ever vigilant friends let me know. My inbox has been very empty of suggestions which means, as usual, empty-headed posts from them.” —

How is analyzing the words of hyperpreterist Sam Frost “nonsense”? Shouldn’t Frost have to interact with his 15 years of hyperpreterist promotion? Shouldn’t he have to do some work to undo all the damage he has done or is Warren telling him to stay on his leash like a good little pet?  I mean, Warren apparently thinks she is the more balance, as she “ahem” only responds on the “rare occasion there is something worth responding to“.  Frost apparently needs to have Warren’s ability and insight.  Eventually the  pet will obey the master and follow her lead.  I always like how almost all of Dee Dee’s posts always come back to her.  This one about how she behaves and how her friends do and how her email inbox is or isn’t. Mee-Mee Warren strikes again.

UPDATE: Shortly after this video was posted here, theological fascist Dee Dee Warren disabled the embed ability.  I guess she can’t handle criticism.

After you watch the video, tell me if this is not the sheer example of a person in love with themselves — classic narcissist.

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