The UnPreterist: Refuting Hyperpreterism: Presupposition VS Proof-text

After YEARS of hyperpreterists AND defenders of hyperpreterists (like Phil Naessens and Kenneth Talbot) criticizing me for CONSTANTLY pointing out that we should be battling hyperpreterism based on its presupposition rather than its proof-texts, former hyperpreterist Sam Frost AGREES with my approach. In a podcast aired March 30, 2011 Frost said:

“You can proof-text all day long. Anybody can proof-text Scripture and support their view. It’s the PRESUPPOSITIONS, that’s what you’ve got to attack. That’s what you have to go over.” — Sam Frost (31 sec audio)

So what is the presupposition of Hyperpreterism?????? That God has been unable or unwilling to sustain truth and the basic understanding of truth for 2000 years. Folks THAT is the presupposition of the Full/Hyperpreterist position, no matter how they try to spin it. They MUST believe God failed. They can’t say, “No, no men failed in not comprehending or in distorting God’s basic eschatological plan.” Ultimately God is the sustainer of truth and by the hyperpreterist presupposition, God has failed.

Now, will Sam Frost, Kenneth Talbot, Jason Bradfield, Phil Naessens and all of these people take back claiming I am a “slanderer”? No, because that would take some real humility and I just don’t think they have it in them. It’s good and well that Frost can say things like the quote above but never would they acknowledge THAT is what I’ve been saying ALL ALONG.


Anonymous said…


The presupposition of preterism can’t be true because God could not have failed? If understanding eschatology is necessary for salvation, then yes. If it is a matter of sanctification, where man has a part in it, then no. Man has been ignoring God in the santification area for centuries. He may be saved – all of God’s doing, but making right decisions concerning non-salvation issues, man has failed in many areas.

Kurt F.

Roderick_E said…

So God can and does fail except for matters of salvation? Not a very good track record. Rather, God HAS sustained the basics, not just on salvation but on all of the key “ologies” of Christianity including eschatology. I have NEVER said hyperpreterists are going to hell. That is God’s call only, HOWEVER hyperpreterism is something OTHER-THAN-CHRISTIANITY.

Ken Galloway said…

Humility is a great thing, as it edifies Christ. Even though I may disagree with Jason b…it takes courage to do what he did on FB.


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