The UnPreterist: PreteristBlog.Com and Dee Dee Warren — It WAS “Personal”

Dee Dee Warren recently said:

“Yes, I have published works against Sam, MikeB, and Jason for wrongs against me. Guess what? All but MikeB apologized, and I… (big shocker coming)…. I forgave them! Being positive that I am hardly perfect myself, I asked their forgiveness, and…. (big shocker coming)…. they forgave me!” —

Ah…so it WAS “personal” after all. I mean, what Dee Dee Warren is saying here is that all her work amounts to “wrongs” against these people eh? And all their work as FPists also amount to “wrongs” against her. It was simply a pee-pee match that has come to a conclusion right? I mean, there is no need to seek “forgiveness” if all Dee Dee Warren was pointing out the errors of these people — they remain a FACT no matter what changes they made.

This is sort of like when the liberals were wringing their hands, trying to figure out what we did to “cause” the terrorists to attack us. This is sort of like Obama jetsetting all over the world to “apologize” for America..well… being America.

Well you know what, Dave and most FPists need never apologize to me nor I them; no matter if either of us change positions. You know why??? Because it wasn’t personal. You don’t see us speculating about another person’s mental health — especially when all the FACTS say that person is a stable individual. Can we talk about a person’s demonstrated behavior/approach? Indeed, especially if it is relevant to what they are saying. But you see Dee Dee Warren has ALWAYS operated on a “personal” level. This is the reason she likes to post anonymous emails (which could be bogus for all we know), that tell her how great and humble a person she is while her critics are big meanies. Talbotites NEED validation. They NEED to create their own denominations, churches, seminaries. They NEED to tell people how smart they think they are; how big their library is, how “scholarly” and therefore expectant of payment for their 5 page articles they are. They NEED cheerleaders.

So, now we know that all the work on PreteristBlog should just be flushed down the toilet since it was all merely based on “personal” issues. Now that Sam and company claim to be “orthodox”, it is time for PaulT to “apologize” to Sam — since now in retrospect, PaulT was just being “personally” mean to Sam . Never mind the FACTS. Get to it PaulT.

Um-yeah. Again, I publicly ask that ALL my articles be removed from PreteristBlog since it is now confirmed as merely a site full of Dee Dee Warren’s “personal” issues with folks. I don’t want my work to get confused with Dee Dee Warren’s misdirected work that she may need to later apologize for; since I have nothing to apologize for when it comes to the things I’ve written. My writings are FACT based, not “emotionalism” or some sort of argumentum ad misericordiam. My work had nothing to do with “wrongs against me” — that is the mentality of a self-absorbed person who needs attention. My work is based on the ACTUAL things these folks said, wrote, and did…not to me, but in general and specifically theologically. So, now we see it was all just “personal” with these folks.

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