The UnPreterist: Hyperpret Larry Siegle Responds

Hyperpreterist Larry Siegle has been accepted to the M.Div program of Whitefield Theological Seminary (WTS).  WTS (through Kenneth Talbot) now has a history of validating hyperpreterism; first when Talbot was utilizing then known hyperpret leader Sam Frost to develop the schools Hebrew program and now as WTS accepts a known heretic to a program that WTS says is:

  1. “designed specifically to train men for the office of minister.”
  2. “designed specifically to train men for Counseling in the ministry”

Larry recently responded to my criticism of WTS and Talbot’s decision.  What follows is Larry’s entire quoted comments along with my reply to Larry.

Larry Siegle wrote:

I am not surprised at your reaction to my announcement about WTS. It was made quite clear to me by Dr. Talbot that he, in no sense endorses what I have taught or am presently teaching as a Full Preteristi, or as an Arminian-Semi-Pelagian for that matter!

Exactly Larry, the problem is apparent from your OWN announcement. Almost no other seminary would touch you with a ten foot pole but here is Talbot, once AGAIN validating heresy in DEED. He and his protege, Sam Frost have been a constant bag of hypocrisy – saying one thing yet doing another. The degree you are working toward is a M.Div and according to the WTS website these degrees are:

  1. “designed specifically to train men for the office of minister.”
  2. “designed specifically to train men for Counseling in the ministry”

You have no business in “ministry” if you are the heretic Talbot’s self-made denomination claims you are. See, hypocrisy and contradiction to what end? WTS IS endorsing and validating you. Once you complete the M.Div program, it is saying, “WTS certifies that this man has completed all courses that prepare him to be a minister/pastor”. Even Dee Dee Warren understands why WTS shouldn’t accept known heretics. WTS through Talbot is in EVERY sense going to be endorsing you as a trained “minister”. That is what the M.Div does Larry. Please stop trying to ignore or downplay this FACT.

Larry Siegle wrote:

I am not attending WTS for the purpose for trying to prove or disprove anything, only to better understand Reformed theology and traditional orthodoxy “from the inside”.

Larry, George Whitefield, the patron of WTS COMPROMISED the Reformed Faith. Whitefield handed his ministry over to John Wesley and his brother. Whitefield refused to deal with Wesley. If you want to better understand REAL Reformed Theology, you might want to consider studying someone like Augustus Toplady. Whitefield, much like Talbot was a theological wimp who would not even challenge Wesley’s outright lies!!!! Talbot and company have almost single-handedly destroyed my faith due to their just blatant disregard for honesty. Look, did I ban you from commenting here Larry? The Talbotites ban everyone that doesn’t tow the line. PaulT actually said, and I quote: “Rod, I don’t care if everything you say about Talbot is true. We must protect his reputation”. REALLY????? Hyperpreterism or not, is that really the kind of people you want to befriend?

Larry Siegle wrote:

Of course, the hope would be that I would have a moment of clarity and proclaim that I have left Hyperpreterism behind.

I’m sure it is and it will certainly be a perfect save-face moment. But Jesus didn’t compromise with heretics to get them on His side.

Larry Siegle wrote:

This has been the case in recent months with Sam Frost and Jason Bradfield. They simply could not reconcile what they believed in light of “2,000 years of church history” (this would have been a good argument for you to have used with them…).

Larry, have you been asleep for the last 4 years? The “2000 years of UNITED Christian belief and practice” has been my CONSTANT argument. I start with the presupposition that God has sustained the basic understanding of His eschatological plan among His people. This is the reason I think it is pointless to engage in a proof-texting pee-pee match with hyperpreterists — they deny God’s sovereignty. Even Talbot and Sam…and now Jason understand this yet they ignored it the past 4 years. (see here) While Jason is out and about making “attention seeking” videos and doing “missionary” work with groups that advocate a rapture, I continue to hold the line. I will not compromise. Why would I? I’m not seeking to get a degree or be accepted into Talbot’s little circle of hypocrites. That’s the reason they hate my guts.

Larry Siegle wrote:

Give me the opportunity to be a learner, to read and to study the Reformed perspective. I never intended to create controversy.

The problem is Larry while you are being validated as a “minister” by WTS, you WON’T be learning about the Reformed perspective. You be learning Talbotism, Whitefieldian compromise. The entire issue is a huge mess. Talbot should step down.


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